About us

June & May is based out of Florida where it’s summer year round, growing up in The Sunshine State you learn a few things about sand and sun. We here at the June & May headquarters put our heads together to come up with products that not only represented our love of the beach but all things summer.

June & May was created back in 2014 when a group of college kids with a love for the beach decided they were going to share that passion. We created a line of not only portable but lightweight beach accessories, starting out first with the June & May Beach Canopy.

Seeing success we decided to move onto the other products you see on the site today, such as our best-selling June & May Beach Chair and June & May Headphones. Our newest edition to the family is the June & May Beach Hammock and we are obsessed.

June & May is more than a company. It's a lifestyle. A lifestyle that encompasses relaxation and a carefree mindset. It's not for the 9-5, it's for all the hours in-between. June & May was made for the beachbums, the outdoor adventurers, the soccer moms. It's for the working woman, the stay-at- home dad, and everyone else in between. It’s for everyone who just needs a break and let your worries float away.

June & May is fun, June & May is bright, June & May IS SUMMER