Looking for the best All-American activities to make sure you have the ultimate 4th of July this year? Fill your day with the following activities to make it the best day filled with American traditions and create memories for the ultimate summer holiday celebration.

Watch Fireworks

Nothing says the 4th of July like laying on a blanket as you watch the sky being lit up with bursts of colorful bright firework lights.

Have a Block Party

Notify your neighbors, prepare some BBQ and drinks, decorate the yard, have some outdoor games, blast some music for the ultimate July 4th block party experience.

Go to a Concert

July 4th weekend is one of the best holidays of the summer, and in 2017 many music artists will be hitting the stage to celebrate Independence Day with concerts across the country.

Go to the Beach or Lake

Hit the beach lake if you are trying to have an All-American July 4th. It is one of the top holidays to go boating, boogie boarding, sand castle building, or just relax by the water for the day.

Grill Out

There is no better day to fire up the grill than the 4th of July. Spend the afternoon in your backyard with friends making BBQ on the grill and listen to your favorite American music playlist.

Listen to the National Anthem

Break out your speakers and blast the Star Spangled Banner on repeat. If it was any other day of the year, people might think you are crazy. But on 4th of July listening to the National Anthem is a must.

Light up the night with Sparklers

There is nothing better than topping off your July 4th than with sparklers. Go feel like a child, and dance around and write your name in the sparks.

Find an American flag

One All-American 4th of July tradition is to find an American flag. Then you can hang it outside your home or even just carry it around with you in order to show your appreciation for being an American.

Make Patriotic Food and Drinks

4th of July is a great day to have fun with your food selections, it’s time to get creative with the party platter of that BBQ or bake cupcakes and dye the frosting blue, and find some red fruits to inspire you to be in the festive mood.